90° by Anna Rae

Our basement is welcoming with open arms to both old and new wood. New stretchers are coming together for a new oil on canvas series. Coming soon. 


TFW by Anna Rae

You've been staring at the valleys and peaks of your friend's faces for an extensive amount of time. 


Portrait Detail by Anna Rae

First layers of the portrait part of this commission. The first layers are always nice and loose. WIP / work in progress. 


In the Valley by Anna Rae

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery- air, mountain, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy."  Sylvia Plath


Work in progress.  WIP 

First layers of a commission.  

Email me.  


Spine by Anna Rae

Thin layers with this commission and a brand new backbone. Lits and Figs. 


For commission, visit the store or email me, annaraegilbert@gmail.com  


Edits by Anna Rae

And this is the updated commission after the customer provided a higher quality photo.  Details galore. 


Realtor Commission by Anna Rae

A finished watercolor painting for a realtor for a closing gift.  


New Realtor Commission by Anna Rae

Hers a new commission for a closing gift. Work in progress, underdrawing.  


New CTA painting in the works by Anna Rae

WIP/work in progress. Underdrawing of an el stop in Chicago. 


Kayak Commission by Anna Rae

I have so many great memories around this spot in the river. Most of them during one of several architectural boat tours.  😂 


WIP by Anna Rae

Commission work in progress/WIP  


For commissions, email:  annaraegilbert@gmail.com

or visit the store.  



"1935 Wrigley" by Anna Rae

Prints are in. Framed "1935 Wrigley" is looking mighty fine. Prints and postcards here!


Go Cubs Go! by Anna Rae

Starting a new painting of an old black and white photo. Go Cubs Go! 🤞 they defend the title.


Kevin Bacon by Anna Rae

Meet Kevin Bacon, the pig. He will be the patron animal of pet portraits which will be available soon!This is an underdrawing of a 22"x30" watercolor painting. 


A Maine Snowday by Anna Rae

Finished commission!  This is a 9x12 watercolor and acrylic on Arches. I enjoy these things:  the sunf-glow on a child, a person that is experience thrills- it's contagious, the cool shade of a home and watching someone watch someone experiencing said thrills. This was such a great capture of these things. For commissions, email me at annaraegilbert@gmail.com