Dollhaus / by Anna Rae

Well, here's the first draft. I made sure to include some of the most important things I'd like to selfishly impart on my child and I hope one day she takes it as seriously as I do. I jest.  It has a green geometry attic, Twin Peaks bathroom, art gallery (with a permanent Richard Serra on the veranda), a medieval kitchen (still undecided on what to cook for dinner), Dr. Martin Luther King's recreated childhood bedroom, Tibetan prayer flag and K2 room, and a library full of obscure linguistic publications & comic books that start with the letter "S."  The basement has been flooded so the geometry attic and the library are in process of changing rooms. I'm pretty sure this has some metaphoric weight but I'm not quite sure what it is just yet. I know this will be torn apart in weeks (minutes) and if she's anything like anyone she'll toss aside the awareness that much thought and handiwork has gone into it. Still worth it.