Dollhouses / by Anna Rae

I've been thinking about toys that last and what other imaginative things I can add to Charliebird's playroom.  I loved having a dollhouse as a kid.  I was often immersed in creating a home with an atmosphere for each room.  I loved coming up with a variety of narratives for the home and the people inside of it.  Being that I focused on this sort of idea (a bit more complex) during graduate school, it should come as no surprise.  Play driven learning was so important to me as a child and I feel like it is one of my favorite ways to learn.  Discovery and wandering upon ideas is magic.  I've been trying to design a house for her that could be used for learning as well.  Different trees for the passing seasons to use as an example for our climate in the Midwest, a medieval kitchen for a history lesson... things like that.  While searching for some inspiration I happened upon these glorious examples to jump from.  

It will be hard to not go in the direction of complete color schemes and dark ambience like Marc Giai-Miniet.  The article calls these "demented" and "nightmarish" but I think they are really comforting and look at how many libraries!

These miniature trailer park homes by Tim Prythero are to die for.  It reminds me of the temporary-ness of the camps set up at "Yogi Bear" park where my grandma and grandpa used to stay for the summer to visit the whole family.  We would all take turns meeting up and driving the golf cart around peeking into the transitory lives that we could very much relate to since we moved pretty much seasonally.  

There are endless options and one of the many might include a simple design for the marketplace.  the miniature, the sacred space, the adaptation... lots of fun.  We've got lots of planning to do.  I expect many blueprints and look forward to the adaptations / collaborations with the bird as she grows.