Joey Shirt, #TBT, and 10 rules from Richard Diebenkorn / by Anna Rae

Oh, Joey.  You're the best model I've ever had... in this room... right now.  Under Joey is Daniel, happily modeling his brand spanking new shirt.  Perks of living with an artist is personal requests are often fulfilled.  Here it is, folks!  Joey T.V. on a shirt... HERE

Bringing #TBT with a little bit of bittersweet nostalgia and some photos of one of my many old spaces for making art.  Between 2004 and 2009 I took a hiatus from Chicago and took up permanent residence in Lafayette Indiana where I met some of my favorite people, was lucky enough to be able to dedicate every moment to art making and lucky enough to have a dedicated space.  Here's some old photos of one of those spaces.  I think I still have about five of the actual items in that photo; the red bucket the sewing machine, the red blanket, the small bucket of plaster (haha) and the Cabinet magazines (High fives if you can find all of those items). Hooray for purging material objects?  I'm not sure I've taken an official stance on that act.  

Lastly, Richard Diebenkorn, one of my personal favorite figure painters, wrote these "Rules for Painting" which I really enjoyed stumbling upon and hope you can get something out of it as well.  I'm not sure what he meant with 8. "Remember Pollyanna" but I assume there was a personal attachment to the book/movie.  I'd have to say that I'd replace his #8 with "Remember Paper Moon" if he was talking about childhood favorites that he could watch a gajillion times and still enjoy.