Cultural Appropriation / by Anna Rae

I have no shame in standing by the Shia LaBeouf cultural appropriation.  His opportunity to use his immersion in the exact field (the world of Fame with a capital F) he criticizes is more than effectively provocative.  Shia is more critically aware of this weird and fascinating stardom.  I have so much respect for anyone that can take themselves out of their bubble and look at themselves and their peers objectively.  A drunk buffoon or not.  This appropriated performance is my favoite where LaBeouf reenacts a footballer's press conference in response to a kung fu kick he gave to a fan on the field.  I'm left thinking, "what the fuck?"  It's just absurd and hilarious.  Dada at it's best, for real, y'all.  

His current endeavor is watching all of his movies on a live stream.  Reminds me of Andy Warhol's "Empire" but meta.  Love.  It.  #ALLMYMOVIES

Here is the original interview.