Oh, Monday. I'll crush you. / by Anna Rae

Lots of projects coming up in the next month:  outsourcing drawings for a kids' clothing company, album cover design/logo and collaboration with Neo Futurist Kitchen.  Super excited for all of these.  Look for updates/links here or on my Facebook page.  

I want to tackle a really difficult subject:  copyrights.  In the last few months, I've seen some really unsettling things such as a mom suggesting to another mom to google an artist and just print her work for her child's room.  Please don't do this, friends.  Artists spend a lot of money on materials and spend a lot of time creating work.  I wouldn't expect anyone to work for free.  Unfortunately, in a capitalist society (which the art world teeters upon, often), we measure artists by their monetary worth.  It's absolutely unacceptable to assume that another human is worthy of theft.  It's been suggested that I put watermarks on my images or obscure the photos.  I am not going to do this as I don't want to compromise the aesthetic integrity.  In a way, my social media uploads are a gift.  I don't have any qualms about people enjoying them digitally and briefly.  However, if you intend to use my images without consent, digitally or physically, I will be pretty upset at the lack of respect.