Kayak Commission by Anna Rae

I have so many great memories around this spot in the river. Most of them during one of several architectural boat tours.  😂 


WIP by Anna Rae

Commission work in progress/WIP  


For commissions, email:

or visit the store.  



Go Cubs Go! by Anna Rae

Starting a new painting of an old black and white photo. Go Cubs Go! 🤞 they defend the title.


Kevin Bacon by Anna Rae

Meet Kevin Bacon, the pig. He will be the patron animal of pet portraits which will be available soon!This is an underdrawing of a 22"x30" watercolor painting. 


A Maine Snowday by Anna Rae

Finished commission!  This is a 9x12 watercolor and acrylic on Arches. I enjoy these things:  the sunf-glow on a child, a person that is experience thrills- it's contagious, the cool shade of a home and watching someone watch someone experiencing said thrills. This was such a great capture of these things. For commissions, email me at




Douglas Coupland by Anna Rae

One of my favorite authors bought this house in West Vancouver. I love his quiet provocativeness by way of minute details. He holds up the best mirror to our common threads in human nature. I don't think I've ever felt more risky than these days but I would rather be anxious than complacent, well fed and sufficiently entertained at Disneyland. 


Come over here for a print of "Douglas Coupland's (AKA Revised and Contemporary Oscar Wilde) Second House."


Phase two: by Anna Rae



Commence phase TWO. This one is appropriate slowly becoming less applicable considering the weather here in Chicago.