DAYFPP returns by Anna Rae

I've been working on a series that might end up being never-ending!  "Drawing All Y'alls Facebook Profile Pictures" returns along with another peek into the beginnings of a collaborative zine project.   Follow up on progress and how to purchase full color zine to come!  







RiverRun Bookstore & a new painting by Anna Rae

I'm so proud to be a part of a local and independent publishing company as an illustrator.  Piscataqua Press is a side project publishing company in Kittery Maine.   The community geared bookstore, River Run Books, has developed a database that I'm lucky to be a part of! Check it out... I'm the sixth one down the list. If you need an illustrator, I'm your guy (girl)! http://piscataquapress.com/illustrators/



I've been working in a more illustrative way lately, so it's perfect timing.  Here's a peek at a recent project.