"I've been soooooo busy." / by Anna Rae

When people say "I'm just so busy."  it isn't as if I don't believe them but unless you're a buddhist monk with a daily/life goal of slowing everything down, then aren't we all?  Collective answer:  Yes.  But, for real, I've been soooo busy.  CHARLIEBIRD's birthday party is coming up and I'm determined to make it amazing for her and guests.  Not in a way that's like a prom but affordably entertaining for everyone.  It's knitting season and my nightly free time has been consumed with gnome hats and watching "The Odd Couple" on Hulu.  My days are filled with babies, babies and babies.  Shows, proposals (Show proposal: No one is allowed to enter the locked gallery under any circumstances. Artist is absent.), the occasional street art campaign, committing to making clean food, volunteering, journaling, dream interpretation, my PSYCHIC APPRENTICESHIP, goat watcher, overcoming plastic anxiety, personal etymology research, leaf identification, being a Pintrest superstar, logo master, pumpkin eater, bread maker, newsletter expert, tantrum artist, storyteller, personal chef to five humans, shit scooper, ironer, BIRD WATCHING,  portrait artist, in-house Montessorian, etc.  etc.  etc.

Here's some visual record of the above.