100 days / by Anna Rae

I always down for scheduled artistic discipline so today I am starting to do a drawing every day for 100 days. And I successfully drew a drawing a day for one year for the series "Asking Wunderhaus' Thoughts Before Sleep" which gave me the opportunity to make some new tangential work.  The thing about working on a themed work every day is that it inevitably becomes tedious and boring to a degree. Not boring in the sense that it's unpleasant but that it becomes somewhat static. Static work frustrates me and frustration compels me to push for a new development or problem to solve. I'm happy to do this. I feel like this sort of work where we tug and pull at our limitations is where transitions happen. My 100 days will have a loose theme of "Things My Kids Might Love."  My daughter is all about elephants at the moment. She can spot an elephant image a mile away. So, here's your elephant, little one.