Twin Peaks + Revolución / by Anna Rae

Two glorious things to update on today.  Firstly:  Sunday we will be participating in the Revolution Craft Show at Revolution Brewing Company.  It's conveniently located in Logan Square (3340 N. Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60618) and they have some delicious food and libations if that's what you're into.  The show starts at noon and goes until six.  There will be 20+  other crafters and artisans and we are silly excited to be a part of the show.  

Secondly:  I would like to make very clear that I am completely on board in regards to Twin Peaks returning to our living room television sets.  Q:  Who waits 25 years to align with a character quote to have a comeback?  A:  A good one/David Lynch/Mark Frost.  I must be super in tune with this news and/or my meditative skillz are aligned with DL because for a good month I've been trying to come up with a good design for a baby to wear that references Twin Peaks.  If you've never seen the series I suggest you get on it.  If you just want to know what this particular design is referencing feast your eyes upon the wise words of Agent Dale Cooper.  Basically, my design strategy is:  "What would I want my future kid to wear?"  And perfect timing this new design will be available at this Sunday's craft show.  It will be released later next week for pre-order but if you have to have it NOW I expect to see you there.  You know you want it.